There are many types of damage that your teeth can sustain over the course of your lifetime. Unfortunately, some of these conditions can cause the roots of your teeth to die or develop infections, and when this happens, you may be in danger of losing the entire tooth. Luckily, a root canal can help correct these problems, but there are a couple of myths that some dental patients believe that may cause them to forgo the benefits of a root canal.

Myth: Patients Needing A Root Canal Always Experience Intense Pain

There are many symptoms that someone needs a root canal, but many people believe that intense pain is a universal sign that this procedure needs to be performed. Yet, this is not true, and there are many patients that may not experience much discomfort when they need a root canal. 

A common cause for the lack of this pain is that the nerve in the tooth may have completely died. When this happens, you may not have any feeling in the tooth, and this can make it extremely difficult for you to know that a problem is present. This fact makes it even more important to ensure you visit your dentist twice a year to prevent needing this procedure. 

Myth: Root Canals Can Be Performed On Any Damaged Tooth

Infections can strike any tooth in your mouth, but some patients are under the impression that any damaged tooth can be repaired with this procedure. Sadly, there are many reasons why a root canal may not be able to repair your tooth. 

The shape of the tooth and location of the damage can be limiting factors on the effectiveness of this treatment. For example, if the infection is located in a difficult-to-reach area of the tooth, it may not be possible for the dentist to repair the damage without ruining the tooth. When this is the case, extracting the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant may be the most effective option for treating the damaged tooth. 

An infected tooth does not always have to result in the loss of your tooth. Root canals are treatments that can remove the infection without needing to remove the entire tooth. Yet, there are some myths that may make people have incorrect expectations about this treatment. By dispelling these notions, you will have a stronger understanding of root canals, and this may help you decide on this treatment option. 

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