If your dentist has told you that braces would be a good idea to straighten your child's teeth, you may have a few questions regarding the fitting process. How does the dentist put them on the teeth? What kinds of braces are available? If your child has been referred to an orthodontist, here are some answers to questions you might have.

Why Do People Need Braces?

Braces are used to straighten teeth. They are used as a cosmetic repair to make the teeth uniform. Sometimes when teeth come in crooked, they can cause problems such as teeth grinding and trouble eating. 

What Is The Process In Getting Braces?

Your child will first need to see an orthodontist to have a complete examination. The orthodontist will have X-rays taken and will evaluate the placement of the teeth to make sure that braces is the correct solution. The X-rays will be taken and uploaded into a computer model that will show where the teeth are located now and where aesthetically pleasing teeth would need to be positioned.

What Kinds Of Braces Are Available?

From this information, the orthodontist will be able to decide which type of braces would be best suited for your child. Some types available include the traditional metal braces with rubber bands, clear braces, and invisible braces. 

The process in getting regular braces would include having them cemented into place on the teeth, stringing wires between the cemented pieces, and tightening. Clear braces work the same way, but are clear so that you do not notice them as easily. Invisible braces are made from molds that fit over the teeth. These would be changed out every few weeks for a new mold until the teeth have moved into their new permanent location.

How Should My Child Take Care Of Their Braces?

Routine visits to the orthodontist for tightenings or for exchanges of molds will ensure that their teeth are being monitored to make sure the plan is going as expected. They should refrain from eating chewy or crunchy items, as these can get stuck in the braces, aiding in bacterial growth and perhaps breaking the braces in the process. Invisible braces will just need to be taken out when eating.

Regular brushing and flossing should be continued when braces are in place. If your child has any excessive pain, make sure to have it checked out by the orthodontist in case an adjustment needs to be made.