When it comes to having healthy teeth, the foods you eat will play a large role in reaching this goal. Good nutrition is the key to being healthy and enjoying strong teeth, as well. It's ideal to understand fully what foods are loaded with nutrients and which ones to choose on a regular basis. Knowing the best things to eat and drink for healthier dental results is sure to motivate you to do so.

Lean Meats

Getting the right amount of protein is important to keep your gums free of disease and to provide a strong foundation for your teeth. It's ideal to eat meats that have the least amount of fat. Additionally, eating  poultry and fish will also to help you get the necessary amounts of magnesium and zinc for your dental health.

Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is important to help you have a strong immune system and helps to keep your teeth strong, as well. This important nutrient is critical to keeping the tissues of your gums healthy.

Some types for you to choose from include oranges, orange juice and grapefruit to simply name a few.

Whole Cereals

Eating whole grain cereal will help you get the amount of Vitamin B that is necessary for staying healthy.  Vitamin B is also necessary to assist you in fighting any type of mouth ulcers that you may have.

Green Vegetables

Eating green and leafy vegetables is always an ideal way to improve your overall health. This type of vegetables is loaded with Vitamins A and B. These are useful when it comes to dealing with bleeding gums and working to repair any damage that your gums may have.


One of the best liquids to drink any time of day that is full of nutrients is milk. The calcium amounts in milk may allow you to get the total amount needed with only one serving.

Listed below other ways consuming milk can improve your health:

1. Maintaining a healthy and normal heartbeat

2. Helps to clot blood in the body

3. Assists with relaxing the muscles

Finally, you can have fewer dental problems and enjoy good dental health by eating the right foods are a regular basis. This coupled with proper oral hygiene is the key to benefiting from a lifetime of strong teeth. Be sure to consult with your dentist, such as Quality Dental Care, if you need have any problems with your teeth.