If your dentist has suggested a dental crown to repair your tooth, you want to become knowledgeable on the process so you know exactly what to expect when you go in to have the crown put in place. This article will take you through the procedure from start to finish.

Your tooth will be reduced in size

Getting a crown put in usually takes two visits. During the initial visit the dentist will grind down your tooth to prepare it. They may give you an injection to numb you before they grind down your tooth. The reason for bringing down the size of your tooth is so there is enough room for both the bonding material and the crown to fit. The tooth will also need to have a shape that allows the crown to slide down onto it.

An impression of your mouth will be taken

The dentist will have you bite down on a mold, which becomes the impression of your tooth used to build the crown. This impression will include all your teeth. The impression will be sent off to the lab where it will be used to create a crown that fits over your tooth and matches your natural bite correctly. The crown will also be colored to match your surrounding teeth so it will look more natural.

You may be given a temporary crown

If your dentist feels the amount of grinding they did will cause your tooth to be very sensitive, they may send you home with a temporary crown. They may also do this if the tooth is in your smile line so you won't have to worry about having an awkward looking tooth in the meantime.

The crown will be put in place

Once the crown is completed and sent to the dentist, you will come in for your second visit. At that point the dentist will use a bonding material on your tooth and fix the crown in place. Once you leave the office the second time, your crown will be permanent.

Recovery is quick

Once your new crown is in place the dentist, perhaps someone from a place like Bae & Bae Family Denistry, will give you instructions. Generally, these include such things as informing you not to eat hard or very sticky foods for the first day or two. You shouldn't expect much pain, but the area may be a little sensitive at first due to all the work that was done on it.