When you start to feel drowsy in the middle of the afternoon at work, it's customary to grab a sweet snack that will help you experience a burst of energy. Too often, however, these snacks can be detrimental to the health of your teeth. While chocolate and soda might be appealing, you could be regretting your choice of snack during your next dental checkup. Want to be sure the appointment goes well and that you leave the clinic smiling a healthy smile? Here are three tooth-friendly snacks to enjoy when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

A Fresh Apple

Forget the old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's possible that this fruit can also keep cavities and poor oral health away, too. Whereas overly acidic foods can be detrimental to the health of your teeth, the acid in an apple is mild enough that it actually can help to clean your teeth by eating away at the bacteria in your mouth. The fruit's acid works in conjunction with the roughness of the peel to scrape away at your teeth, so it's always best to eat your apples without peeling them first. As an added perk, the regular consumption of apples can even help to make your teeth appear whiter. Apples are ideal to enjoy as an afternoon snack because they don't require refrigeration, meaning you can toss one in your purse or backpack to enjoy later that day.

Some Slices Of Cheese

Cheese packs a protein-rich punch that can help you feel better when you're getting drowsy in the afternoon, but the regular consumption of this dairy product can be advantageous for your next dental checkup, too. Cheese increases the alkalinity of your mouth, which helps to eliminate the acid found in plaque. This means that your teeth will be less susceptible to cavities and other complications that result from being coated with plaque. Individually wrapped cheese sticks are easy to carry and ideal to enjoy at work.

A Yogurt Cup

Toss an individual serving of yogurt in your lunch kit in the morning and enjoy it in the afternoon to boost your oral health. Yogurt is packed with healthy bacteria that can help to neutralize the unhealthy bacteria inside your mouth that lead to dental complications. When you're shopping for your yogurt, be sure to select the sugar-free variety; sweetened yogurt won't do any favors for the health of your teeth. Ask your dentist for more information.