When it comes to prosthodontics, there is generally a lot of information that the general public doesn't know. When it comes to prosthodontics, how does it differ from dentistry? What exactly is a prosthodontist? These are all general questions that arise from people who are largely unfamiliar with prosthodontics as a field of study. Prosthodontics refers to the reconstructive element of oral health. Need more information regarding what is entailed by prosthodontics? Read on.

Are Dentists And Prosthodontists The Same Thing?

In three words: yes and no. This is to say that not all dentists are prosthodontists, but all prosthodontists are dentists. Generally speaking, a dentist must complete at least 4 years of dental school, while a prosthodontist must complete those 4 years of school, in addition to 3 more years of specialized post-doc study in which he or she learns the craft and art of general prosthodontics.

Becoming an architect of general oral reconstruction is something that takes a bit more work and time, as well as countless hours of research, in order to perfect. So, ultimately, the question can be answered by saying that prosthodontists are a specialized type of dentist.

Can Dentists Perform Many Of The Same Procedures As Prosthodontists?

Yes, they can. Dentists are licensed to perform many of the same procedures that prosthodontists can normally perform, such as veneers, crowns, dental implants and false teeth. However, during their 4 years of dental school, dentists only learn a very base amount about the process of these procedures. In fact, during 4 years of dental school, most dental students won't complete the installation of implants.

Prosthodontists will perform all of these procedures and more and certainly more than once before they ever begin practicing. In order to receive their certification as a prosthodontist, a dentist must have performed these procedures on numerous occasions.

Are The Services Of Prosthodontists Affordable?

Many people seem to be under the impression that only tape wager earners, such as CEOs and one percenters can afford the type of services that prosthodontists offer. There was a time when general prosthodontics was something that only a small amount of the population could afford, but market pressure and the general market climate has made their services much more affordable.

When one considers the amount of time and money that a prosthodontist has put into their own education, for example, many people consider the prices offered prosthodontists quite reasonable, from a relative standpoint. These days, general prosthodontics is something a large deal of the population can afford.

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