If you want to have the best looking smile possible then you want to make sure you get dental care as soon as possible when you think you have a dental issue arising. You also want to brush, floss and use mouthwash on a daily basis. Also, chewing a sugar free gum can help your teeth in a lot of ways because it pulls anything off and away from them that shouldn't be there. However, another very important aspect of a smile is that you will want it to be nice and white. Here are some tricks for keeping your teeth as white as possible:

Don't eat foods that stain them

Some foods are worse than others with regards to staining teeth. Blueberries, red wine and food coloring are just a few examples of things that stain quickly. If you do eat foods that are known for leading to staining issues then make sure you brush right away or at least chew that gum or drink water if that's all you have access to at the moment, then brush ASAP.

Have the dentist whiten your teeth

Don't waste your time with over-the-counter whiteners. You won't know which method will work best for you and there is a good chance you won't notice a difference or you can end up with calcium spots which are bright white spots that can be quite noticeable when you smile. Your dentist knows exactly what to use to give you the right results.

Turn your naturally discolored teeth white

If you have never had a white smile then it's more than likely genetics or a dental disorder that's causing them to be this way. For example, some people are born with less enamel than most which makes their teeth look darker. Whitening products will never work in this case, so you'll need to go to a bit more extreme of measures. Some ways you can get a white smile include bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns or as a last resort snap in teeth. Now, all of these methods are permanent except for the snap in teeth. Understand that all of these methods don't make it so you have a white smile forever; they can still stain if you don't work at keeping them white.

What you wear can help your teeth look white

Take pictures of yourself wearing different colors and see which ones actually give you a better looking smile. If you wear lip gloss then different shades can also have a similar effect on your smile.

Talk with a cosmetic dentist like Frederic J Mrugala DDS for more information.