Having healthy teeth can provide you with a proper aesthetic and proper usage of your mouth. Even if you were not born with good teeth and your dental visits were not perfect at the beginning of your life, you can still enjoy nice teeth with implants. If you have new dental implants after a long time of having chipped or missing teeth, your implants will feel differently at first. Although dental implants are anchored in your mouth with screws, you may still feel differently with them than with your prior teeth. Here are three key ways to get used to your new dental implants with a little bit of practice. 

Practice talking in the mirror

One of the biggest problems that you will notice immediately is learning to talk when you have the new dental implants in your mouth. If you are used to open spaces inside of your mouth or if your teeth were a different size than the current implants, talking will take some getting used to. Stand in front of the mirror and practice talking. To be sure that you get a wide range of words, sounds, and mouth movements, read words from a script or from a book. Reading in front of the mirror will give you a glimpse as to your mouth movements and allow you the ability to figure out if your speech patterns are normal. 

Chew different foods slowly

Chewing a variety of different foods slowly is the best way to go about getting used to chewing with your new teeth. If you have had missing teeth for any amount of time, you may have been compensating in your chewing without realizing it. Try a number of foods, such as tough meats, salads with thin lettuce, and several pitted fruits. Chew slowly so that you can get used to your teeth without biting your tongue or the inside of your cheek. By trying different foods, you will understand the amount of pressure that it takes to bite and chew, so that you become comfortable with no problems. 

Consider the length

If you are having issues with speaking and chewing or other natural movements, consider getting your dental implant exchanged for a smaller size or filed down. If you need your teeth slightly smaller to feel comfortable, it may be a quick process to file down your teeth slightly. If you need your teeth to be filed down, getting this done quickly will make it easier to get used to your new dental implant immediately. 

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