If your tooth enamel doesn't glow or look as white as you want, you might try different things to make your situation better. You might even follow a few DIY or at-home tips to whiten your teeth, including rubbing charcoal or strawberries on your teeth. Although these methods may yield some good results, some of the DIY tips may not be safe for your tooth enamel over time. Here are possible problems you might experience from using DIY home whitening treatments and how you can avoid them.

Is It Safe to Rub Charcoal or Strawberries on Your Teeth?

Charcoal and strawberries can both benefit your health and wellbeing in many ways. Charcoal treats accidental poisoning and digestive problems, while strawberries provide vitamin C, magnesium, and numerous other nutrients your body needs for good health. But some people use charcoal and strawberries as at-home tooth whiteners.

Charcoal and strawberries can remove plaque and food debris from the surfaces of your teeth. Plaque and food can make your tooth enamel look yellow or tinted over time. Once you remove the plaque and contaminants from your teeth, they appear cleaner than before. However, the deepest stains stay on your teeth, including coffee and soda stains.

In addition, charcoal may not be as good to your teeth as you might think. Charcoal can be abrasive to your tooth enamel. If your tooth enamel wears down, it can become acid. Acid can cause cavities and mineral loss in your teeth. 

You can find better ways to whiten your tooth enamel. 

How Can You Remove Your Tooth Stains Safely?

One of the safest ways to whiten your teeth is to see a dentist for services. Dentists use professional grade tooth whiteners that contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to clean away superficial and deep tooth stains. Peroxide foams or bubbles to break down stains. 

A dental provider can also assess the condition of your teeth to see why they have stains in the first place. Your stains may come from drinking or eating certain foods, such as tea and blueberries. Sometimes, medications can stain your tooth enamel. It's also possible for tooth stains and other problems to develop during pregnancy or hormonal changes. Knowing why you have discolored teeth can help you prevent the problem in the future.

Although it's easier to follow the latest DIY tooth whitening trend at home, it's safer and more beneficial to see a dentist for your tooth whitening needs. For more information and options, visit websites like http://www.vfdental.com to get in contact with a professional.