Did you get a dental implant because it has the potential to last forever? If so, know that it doesn't necessarily mean that the dental implant will be complication free for the rest of your life. There is a possibility that the dental implant will need some help from your dentist over the years.

Gum Infection

You definitely want to see your dentist if you have any signs of infected gums, since it can affect the health of the dental implant. If your gum tissue suddenly becomes inflamed and have an infection, it will pull your gums away from your teeth. This makes any dental implant secured in your mouth not as secure as it once was. The implant will have more exposure than it once did, and has the potential to fall out or become loose when the gums start to pull away. In a worst case scenario, the bone tissue under your gums will become infected. You'll need to have a dentist help with treating your gum infection to help preserve your implant.

Chipped Implant

While the artificial tooth used for the dental implant is incredibly durable, it is possible for the tooth to become cracked over time. Know that the entire tooth won't need to be replaced if you act quickly and catch the damage early. The fake tooth can be restored much like how a real tooth is repaired. Instead of using bonding material to fill in the chipped area, the dentist will use porcelain to build the tooth back up.

Odd Fit

Your jawline can change as you get older, with it shrinking or losing definition. This can cause implants in your mouth to no longer fit correctly. You may need to have the implant modified so that it can be in a good position where it fits well once again. You want the implant to feel like it is a natural tooth, and needs to align correctly with both your lower and upper jaw without causing grinding or sticking out in an odd direction. This procedure is more common than you think as people get older in age and their mouth changes shape.

Not sure if your dental implants are in need of assistance? It is always worth scheduling a visit with your dentist if you have any concerns. You made a serious investment by getting a dental implant, and you don't want to have it become damaged due to neglect.