Old age comes with challenges such as tooth loss. On average, people over 75 years of age have about 18 teeth in their mouths. The number is even lower for people who smoke or have lower incomes. If your parents are 65 years of age and older, they might have a few missing teeth. 

This lack of teeth often triggers dental issues that can be resolved using options such as dental implants. If your parents are struggling with any dental issues outlined below, consider recommending dental implants to them. 

1. Premature Aging

The loss of teeth can affect your parents' facial appearance making them look older than they really are. Your parents might not mention it or be bothered, but it's worth considering teeth replacement options.

2. Speech Problems

Speech patterns rely on teeth to make certain sounds. With missing teeth, expect a change in your parents' speech patterns. You will notice issues in their speech, which will worsen if your parents continue losing teeth. 

3. Discomfort Chewing 

Missing teeth change how people chew food. This issue causes discomfort when chewing hard foods. You will notice your parents shifting from hard to soft foods. They will gradually begin excluding essential foods from their diet leading to other health issues. 

4. Crooked Teeth

Have you noticed a shift in your parents' teeth alignment? This shift happens when the remaining teeth move towards the empty space. They will try to fill the space, changing the teeth' alignment from straight to crooked. Crowded or crooked teeth often present issues such as bacteria build-up as they make it harder to floss. 

5. Loss of Additional Tooth 

The loss of a tooth creates a domino effect that affects neighboring teeth. A missing tooth causes jawbone deterioration. The body will begin reabsorbing the jawbone as it is no longer in use. 

The bone reabsorption, teeth shift, and jawbone deterioration are all painless. Your parents will barely notice or complain about it. However, a deteriorating jawbone will also affect the neighboring roots. 

The remaining teeth may also be overstressed and overworked, leading to faster degradation. Over time, your parents could deal with more dental issues leading to additional teeth loss. If you lose one tooth, the rest might follow unless you replace the missing tooth. 

How to Replace Missing Teeth 

A permanent solution to missing teeth is dental implants. Your parents can replace an entire row of missing teeth with dental implants. Restore the smile and quality of life that faded when your aging parents lost most of their teeth by recommending dental implants.

Reach out to a family dentistry clinic for more information on how to help your parents take care of their teeth.