Are you planning on getting dental veneers to correct a cosmetic problem with your teeth? Know that you will not get the veneers right away since temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth until the final veneers are ready. The veneers use a very light adhesive to stick to your teeth, which makes it easy to remove the temporary veneers when the real ones are ready. Here are some tips for caring for those temporary veneers while you wait. 

Avoid Traditional Dental Floss

Traditional dental floss is not going to work while you're wearing a temporary veneer for a single tooth. That is because traditional floss needs to be threaded between teeth, and if you are not careful, can catch on the edge of the temporary veneers and pull them off the teeth. Consider using a Waterpik to help clean between your teeth by pushing water through them. 

If you are getting a full set of veneers, your temporary veneers may be one continuous piece, making it impossible to floss between your teeth. A Waterpik can help get rid of the food between your teeth by using water pressure on the rear side. 

Brush With A Soft Toothbrush

You also need to pay attention to the pressure you're putting on your teeth when brushing in the morning and evenings. Brushing in a way that is too hard can actually cause those temporary veneers to become dislodged. You will want to stick to a brush with very soft bristles so that you cannot accidentally damage the temporary veneers.

Stay Away From Certain Foods

Your temporary dental veneers use a light adhesive, so you need to watch what you eat so that the food does not rip the veneers off the teeth. Avoid any sort of food that is sticky and can cause your veneers to fall off if they get stuck to the food. Hard foods should also be off-limits. For example, you may bite into an apple and see that your veneers came off in the fruit. You are better off sticking to softer foods where you know this will not become a problem. If chewing tough meat, try cutting it up into small pieces first. 

If your veneers do become dislodged, be sure to reach out to your dentist immediately. It is not wise to leave your teeth unprotected until the final veneers are ready since you risk issues with increased sensitivity or damaging the surface of your teeth.