Do you have something about your teeth that you do not like, and you've been wanting to fix it with orthodontic treatment? Now may be the time to use invisible braces to make those corrections. However, everyone is not automatically a good candidate to use invisible braces. Here are some factors to consider to determine if invisible braces are right for you. 

Teeth Spacing

A common problem that people want to fix with their teeth is spacing issues. They may have gaps between their teeth that are big and noticeable, and they want to bring their teeth together. This is a problem that is easy to fix with invisible braces and would make someone a good candidate for the procedure. Invisible braces can help shift your teeth together over time so that the gaps are closed and your smile looks perfect.  

Teeth Crowding 

You may also be experiencing the complete opposite problem, which is teeth crowding. This is when your teeth are too close together and it can cause them to be out of alignment, turned an odd way, and generally not very straight. The plastic aligner trays can help bring those teeth further apart so that your teeth are not as crowded.

Individual Teeth Positioning

Sometimes the problem is that people have a single tooth that is sticking outward or inward too much, which sticks out like a sore thumb. Invisible braces are able to fix that type of problem as well, since it may be as simple as changing the angle that the tooth is pointing so that it's in line with your other teeth. Since the trays are made with clear plastic, nobody will even know that you are trying to correct this problem. 

However, know that invisible braces may not be the best choice if you have an extreme problem with a tooth's position. In that situation, you may be best with the traditional metal braces to get it to shift properly. The same can be said for teeth that are behind other teeth, which require a lot of movement to get them where you want. 

If you are not sure if you are a good candidate for invisible braces, set up a consultation with a local orthodontist that specializes in this procedure. They'll take a look at the specific problems that you have with your teeth, and let you know if you can use invisible braces or if you need another kind to get the job done.